How to clean the hearing aid’s network?

When you purchase a hearing aid, there will be a baffle and cleaning tool in the box. You can use the tool brush inside to gently brush the hearing aid in the direction of the hearing aid, you can brush it off. If you still can’t brush it, you can try to change it. You can also leave this net. Wait until the next time you go to the matching location of the hearing aid, let the service staff carry out a cleanup.


There are standard small brushes, vent strips, cleaning cloths, smashing baffles, etc. in the hearing aid box. Each time you remove the hearing aid, you can use a small brush to gently brush the cockroaches. . The vent holes are also vented together. If the oil is not clean, you can replace it with a new one. If you don’t handle it yourself, you can go to the hearing center and let the fitter help you.

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