How to clean the hearing aid speaker

If it is a custom-made hearing aid, you can hold the hearing aid with the sound port facing down, and take a small brush to gently brush it. If it is already blocked, you can replace it with a cap or go to the fitting center for maintenance. Maintenance, the fitter will help clean up.


Sleeping every night should be placed in a special dry box for hearing aids to prevent the hearing aid from getting wet. For microphones, do not use suction needles because high pressure gas may cause the diaphragm inside the microphone to stick. It is generally baked using an electronic dryer. In practice, the horn failure caused by the blockage is better than the above method. But the microphone generally does not have a good recovery effect. It is better to use a small tool to add a needle and then dry it with an electronic dryer. This three-step method is better. Therefore, hearing aids that are not very urgent in time can be dried by an electronic dryer.8Hours or so

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