How to choose the type of hearing aid?

Hearing aids can be divided into two categories according to their shape: four types: ear type and custom type (ear chamber, ear canal, deep ear canal). How do we choose to face so many types of hearing aids? Choosing a suitable hearing aid involves the following hearing and non-hearing factors:

Behind hearing aid Can be hung behind the ear, belonging to a digital machine. With the rapid development of hearing aids, the style of the ear-back machine is more and more small and cute, and the colors are also diverse. It is like a beautiful Bluetooth headset, very fashionable. The power range of the ear-back machine is large, and it is suitable for correcting hearing loss of various degrees and various natures. It can achieve very good results for both children and the elderly.


In-the-ear, ear canal and deep-ear hearing aids Mainly to meet the aesthetic and hidden needs. It needs to be customized according to the shape of the patient’s ear canal. The hearing aid can be placed in the auricle, in the ear canal or deep in the ear canal, and the volume is very small. Because of the limited power of the volume, such hearing aids are more suitable for those who are interested in mild or moderate hearing loss. In addition, the ear canals of Chinese people are mostly narrow, and there are not many people who are really suitable for deep ear canal hearing aids.

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