How to choose the right hearing aid for yourself

As more and more hearing aid products are released on the market, it has caused great confusion to the hearing-impaired friends. The new features are of great use.?Whether hearing aids should be the same as other electronic products, keeping pace with technology?How to choose when so many new products are purchased?

In this regard, hearing has a suggestion: what is right for you is the best. Your own ears are important to your own feelings, and all the techniques such as fitting are for this service. The following are common when we are fitting a hearing aid to new products.5Big question, give you some tips:


First, the frequency shift function should be?

The frequency shifting function originally used as a hearing aid performance test has been increasingly used in popular hearing aid models, and is now available in ear-back machines, custom machines, and open-ear headphones. Hearing has pointed out that the proportion of users for frequency shifting is still relatively small. For most patients’ hearing, there is no need to specifically purchase hearing aids with frequency shifting function, unless it is used in the current or expected future. The specific conditions should be judged based on the audiogram.

Second, hearing aid wireless equipment is good?

The new widely used hearing aid wireless devices do bring a lot of convenience, making phones, TVs, computers,MP3A clearer voice can be obtained wherever you need hearing. Before you buy, you need to consider whether you need to invest another amount of money to purchase these devices, and whether there are relatively independent appliances in your life or work space, and whether you are ready to use more special signals to get them as soon as possible. Better audibility.

Third, how many channels are good?

If the economy is plentiful, it will certainly be better to have more channels. Hearing has a suggestion that depending on the hearing, different channels are chosen, the magnitude of the change depends on the difference in hearing at different frequencies. On this basis, an experienced fitter can help you achieve a basic satisfaction.

Fourth, the hearing aid noise reduction function is good?

To hear clear sounds in different environments, we need a powerful noise reduction mode for hearing aids to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Among the current hearing aid noise reduction functions, one is monocular processing and the other is binaural co-processing. Considering whether you choose one or both ears, which of the noise reduction technologies can be implemented, it helps you to buy less effective hearing aids with less money.

5. Do you want to replace new products every year??

The life of the hearing aid is5To10Between the years, unless the hearing changes significantly, we do not recommend changing the new machine frequently. Many brands now release new products every year and continue to compete in the listening market. To replace the new machine too quickly, the waste of money is not said, there is no substantial improvement in the ear. A hearing-impaired friend with better economic conditions can2To5Yearly replacement, because the time is relatively long, the hearing aid technology has just a significant improvement, and the help of hearing improvement is very straightforward.

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