How to choose a hearing aid?


  1. Depending on hearing situation:

The hearing condition is also a deafness situation, which varies from person to person. If the condition of the deafness is not particularly serious, then the choice of the hearing aid is very wide; on the contrary, if the deafness is very serious, the hearing aid power required will be large, and the optional hearing aid surface will be narrowed; if the deafness is particularly serious, Only wearable hearing aids can only be worn.

Wearing occasions: The requirements for hearing aids vary depending on the wearing situation. For example, if the elderly are only wearing at home and not too noisy, then the general hearing aid can meet the requirements. But people like young people often go to a variety of complex environments, so the requirements for hearing aids will be high. For example, noisy environments require hearing aids to have higher requirements for sound processing and noise reduction. It is recommended to wear a hearing aid with slightly higher performance.


  1. Brand choice,

Well-known brand hearing aids in worldwide include Siemens, Oticon, Resound, etc.; however many people do not know that China already has its own hearing aid brand. That is Jinghao hearing aid, compared to foreign prices It is much cheaper and the quality is very good. Because the original business is mainly for export, more than 80% of the company’s turnover is for export sales.


  1. Where to buy?

The traditional hearing aid industry has an unwritten jargon called “three-point selection, seven-point fitting”, which also illustrates the importance of choosing the right hearing aid fitter. Because the sales of hearing aids in China are mainly third-party agents, and hospital regulations are not allowed to sell hearing aids. The so-called hospital sales are also divided after the cooperation between the hospital and the third party. This is also the reason why the hospital sells hearing aids and the price is expensive. Nowadays, the rise of domestic Jinghao hearing aids and other brands, in addition to fitting, hearing patients can also directly purchase through Taobao, pharmacies in some areas, agents, compared to the fitting, may not be so accurate, but win at a cheap price And the basic functions can meet the patients with moderate to mild hearing.

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