How to choose a hearing aid is reasonable

There are many people who think that hearing aids are to amplify the sound and buy one. It can be heard when the sound is amplified. This idea is very wrong.

The hearing aid is a tiny sound-enhancing system that can amplify the outside sound. This is not wrong. The hearing aid is like a pair of glasses. In addition to its own quality, it should also pay attention to the correct matching. Do not buy at the pharmacy medical equipment distribution point. It is necessary to go to a special fitting center to test the hearing and scientific fitting and debugging to achieve good results and protect the residual hearing of the hearing impaired. The optional hearing aid shall not cause a second injury to the person who has suffered hearing loss.


So how do consumers choose a hearing aid is more reasonable?

1.Choose a regular fitting center.

2.Choose a hearing aid brand from a regular manufacturer (such as Swiss Phonak Ten thousand Stark Danish Resound) and other international first-line brand hearing aids.

3.Choose a qualified fitter to properly debug the hearing aid.

4.It is best to buy a digital hearing aid for computer debugging.

5.Good after-sales service manufacturers and distributors.

6.Each hearing aid is its own serial number, just like a person’s ID card, a serial number of a machine, check to ensure the quality of the machine.

7.The hearing aids are properly matched and suitable for the patient to wear without damaging the residual hearing.

Choosing a hearing aid is the first step. Listening is clearer and more clear. It takes a period of rehabilitation and adaptation to complete. In short, it is necessary to protect my residual hearing and achieve the desired result when the matching is reasonable and appropriate.

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