How to choose the elderlyHearing aid[ElderlyHearing aidMatching skills]

Hearing aids, perhaps because of people’s needs, but the development of technology is too backward, lead people to have deep prejudice, it is difficult to be accepted. The glasses that have the same function as her, because they do not need too high technical content, only need to improve the appearance to meet the needs of people, while enjoying the beauty, and is easily accepted by people. Where is the reason? The reason is that our ears are not a simple organ, as we usually know. It is actually a very, very delicate organ. It can be seen from the invention of so many instruments to please the ears, because it requires the ears. To recognize the music, you can enjoy the wonderful changes in the temperament. When our ears are damaged and the function of the ear is to be restored, we find that our strength is still so weak, which also causes the hearing aid to be effective for a long time, both in appearance and in hearing aids. reluctantly. With the development of computer technology and sound processing technology, the current hearing aids, both in appearance and function, have a qualitative leap, which can maximize the loss of hearing, but the choice of hearing aids is still an extremely important link!


How to choose the elderlyHearing aid?

A considerable number of patients have realized that hearing loss brings difficulties to their lives. In order to improve their quality of life, they can take the initiative to ask questions and how to treat them in the face of hearing loss. Some hearing loss patients finally choose hearing aids and improve them better. Listening to the quality, and unfortunately, a considerable number of patients missed the best time for hearing rehabilitation because of misunderstanding, or neglected the important part of the hearing aid fitting, and could not get the wearing effect. So how should the elderly choose?Hearing aidWhat?

one, Have a correct understanding of hearing problems. Senile hearing loss is a common organ aging phenomenon in the elderly, without special panic, but it must be correctly recognized. The following points should be kept in mind

1. Age-related hearing impairment has a process of starting from a mild disorder and gradually increasing. It is often heard but not clear in the early stage. At this time, it is the best time to carry out hearing rehabilitation (here, hearing aid fitting), and should try not to miss it. .

2. In the early stage, the main lesion of senile hearing loss is in the sound conduction part, that is, the auditory hair cells responsible for the regulation of sound frequency and sound intensity transmission, and if the hearing is delayed without hearing intervention, the brain auditory central processor damage is eventually secondary.

3. Once the auditory cells are damaged, they are not regenerative and there is currently no medication.

4. Early detection, early intervention, early rehabilitation is an important three-early principle of hearing rehabilitation

How do older people choose hearing aids?

Second, we must have a correct understanding of hearing rehabilitation

1. No patient is particularly concerned about which brand of antibiotics is particularly good when treating a disease, but more concerned with whether the treatment given to me by the doctor is correct. Similarly, it is not a hearing aid brand that determines the effect of your hearing aid, but whether the audiologist can give you a hearing solution that suits your hearing loss and specific problems. Therefore, it is most important to patiently find a trustworthy institution that can provide scientific and standardized services for a long time, such as a hospital hearing rehabilitation center or a well-qualified non-hospital hearing rehabilitation center.

2. WearHearing aidAnd correct hearing rehabilitation can maintain the activity of the auditory center, but in general, the hearing test results will not change due to wearing the hearing aid, that is, you usually do not need to worry about wearing more and more, unless you choose in a non-professional place. Unsuitable hearing aid products.

3. Hearing aidIt is an electronic product. It is the most effective rehabilitation tool after hearing loss. It can help you return to the world of sound, but there is still a big gap between the hearing aid and the hearing function of our hearing. Usually the hearing loss exceeds60dBHLThe difference in listening clarity in a noisy environment is becoming more and more obvious, and this phenomenon must be estimated.

4. Hearing aids are not a panacea. They don’t have a place. Usually, the more patience you have, the more you can follow the listening instruction given to you by the audiologist. The more you end up, the more time (repeated debugging) may take several months.

5. Hearing aidIt is a sophisticated electronic product. Every day, you should pay attention to maintenance. At the same time, you should also choose a hearing service center with a strong after-sales service capability to fit the hearing aid.

How do older people choose hearing aids?

Please remember one data, foreign statistics show at least every year30Ten thousand units, the use time does not exceed4The year’s hearing aids were thrown into the drawer, and another set of data showed that about half of the hearing loss patients did not use or rarely used the already purchased hearing aids. Usually the reason why a hearing loss patient chooses but does not use a hearing aid is

1. The amplified sound is too noisy

2. Background noise is too strong

3. Style is not beautiful

4. Inconvenient to wear and use

These problems can basically be solved by professional hearing service centers. Therefore, when the elderly have hearing problems, do not panic, take a scientific consultation in the ear department of a regular hospital, find a trustworthy hearing rehabilitation center, such as hearing, can give the elderly the best hearing aid effect.

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