How to choose a hearing aid for moderate deafness

Deaf patients with residual hearing who are expected to improve their verbal communication skills may be considered to have a hearing aid after their medication or surgery is ineffective. In general, moderate deaf people benefit most from the use of hearing aids. The choice of a hearing aid is not like buying a general merchandise from a store. The medical examination of the patient must first be performed by an otologist to eliminate the contraindications for hearing aids.


First, through medical history collection and hearing tests, doctors can understand the actual ability of patients’ speech communication, their roles and living conditions in work or social activities, self-evaluation of hearing loss, understanding of hearing aids, history of wearing hearing aids, and speech training. History and so on.

Second, according to the patient’s demand for hearing aids, with reference to their requirements for price, appearance and operation, combined with the results of hearing tests, the hearing aid analyzer test and related formula calculations determine the gain, output or frequency response required by the hearing aid. The main technical indicators, choose the right hearing aids.

Third, the patient must be fully explained that the first time the hearing aid is used, it will inevitably undergo a long adaptation and adjustment process. It is generally recommended that the patient wear and use it in a quiet environment first. When fatigue occurs, temporarily reduce the wearing time and gradually adapt to it. Extend the wearing time until the patient can achieve the desired listening experience in a variety of environments.

Fourth, after the primary hearing aid, the patient’s hearing and speech hearing improvement and loud tolerance should be assessed through conversation, functional gain test, and real ear analysis. Fifth, after a period of use, the patient is notified to return to the fitting department to understand the actual feeling of the patient, and the parameters of the hearing aid are adjusted again to make the hearing aid in an optimal state suitable for the patient’s use.

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