Generally speaking, the service life of hearing aids is five to eight years; of course, in some cases, their service life may be longer. Hearing aids belong to precision electronic devices, and most of their components and accessories are slowly lost with the passage of time. Moreover, even if it is to be repaired, there is no new part with the same material to replace. Siemens hearing aids believe that hearing aids are often exposed to humidity, sweat, earwax, and sometimes rain, hair gel and other environments. This is undoubtedly very unfavorable for such fragile precision medical equipment.

Over time, the hearing of many hearing impaired people will go from bad to worse. Therefore, when hearing changes, new hearing aids need to be equipped. Although the current digital hearing aids can adapt to the new hearing changes through program readjustment, the technology of hearing aids is changing with each passing day, and the next generation of hearing aids has emerged many innovative and special effects products. For example: Waterproof hearing aid, eardrum hearing aid, MIC external ric hearing aid, etc. So choose to buy a new hearing aid, you can get more updated functions.

There are many ways to protect hearing aids. A large number of facts have proved that when not in use, placing hearing aids in a special dryer can not only prevent moisture, but also effectively extend the service life of hearing aids. In addition, regular cleaning of hearing aids can also help extend their service life.

It is the most effective and simple way to prolong the life of hearing aid to avoid contact with water or liquid as far as possible and ensure that the hearing aid is always dry. Now there are different waterproof devices or coatings on the market, and some hearing aids have begun to have waterproof functions, which can be considered.

Pay attention to the correct use of hearing aids according to the requirements of the manufacturer. According to Siemens hearing aid data, at least 38% of hearing aid damage is caused by improper use, especially the air conditioning control components of hearing aid, such as switch, battery door, program switching and ear hook.

Siemens hearing aids remind you that, in fact, as with other products, as long as they are carefully cared for and used correctly, they will generally reach the service life designed by the manufacturer, and even the hearing aids that have been used for more than 10 years are possible.

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