Mini hearing aid-How to care for mini hearing aids

Mini hearing aidIt is loved by hearing impaired patients who are beautiful, exquisite and beautiful. However, the mini hearing aid itself is small in size and itself is a high-precision instrument, so it is important to know the maintenance and maintenance of the mini hearing aid. The following is a small series of ear hearing aids for everyone to spread the knowledge.

1,due toMini hearing aidVery small, it is more difficult to distinguish the left and right ears, so when you wear, the left and right ears should be clearly distinguished.

2Because the overall size of the mini hearing aid is small, the battery capacity used by the solid is also small. Compared with the behind-the-ear hearing aid, the battery life is short, so it is necessary to pay attention to the battery life, and the battery life is probably4-7Around the day.

maintenance and care of mini hearing aids

3,Mini hearing aidThe part of the fuselage hanging behind the ear should pay attention to sweat erosion of the hearing aid, pay attention to moisture. The hearing aid receiver is placed in the ear canal area. Be careful to block the mouth of the receiver, and clean the sputum and dust on the mesh cover of the receiver mouth in time.

4Mini hearing aids are high-precision instruments that require dust protection to avoid bumping and falling.

5The ear wire of the mini hearing aid is very small. When wearing it, you should take the hearing aid according to the correct method. Be careful not to use excessive force and break the ear wire.

6If you do not wear a hearing aid, place the hearing aid in a dry box to dehumidify, and regularly go to the hearing aid fitting center for maintenance.

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