How to buy a reliable hearing aid[Expert advice]

Hearing aids are medical equipment products. Unlike ordinary products, hearing aids are not suitable for purchase. Products such as clothes and mobile phones are not suitable for users. The harm caused by users is much greater. Waste is not a waste of money. The key is not only It does not help health, it will also damage health.

But to be honest, as a layman, we consumers really can’t know so much professional details, and ultimately rely on professionals. Therefore, first identifying a reliable and credible business is the key to success. How to judge whether the business is reliable? Here are a few tricks for you.

First, a reliable business must have a professional real experience distribution center.

Hearing aids are not purchased casually and require a professional fit. Serious and responsible business, as a professional fitting center must have a good listening room, a comfortable and comfortable fitting room, advanced audiometer, hearing aid effect subjective assessment equipment sound field, hearing aid effect objective evaluation equipment real ear analyzer Wait.

Second, the reliable merchant configuration of the fitters are professional.

The fitter’s profession is reflected in two aspects: solid professional knowledge and rich practical experience. Solid professional knowledge refers to familiar with the knowledge of otology, can skillfully operate various professional testing and evaluation instruments configured by the fitting center, and know the various performances and debugging of hearing aids. In a sense, the number of years of work is directly proportional to the practical experience, the working hours are long, and there are many cases of experience, and there will be solutions that are more flexible and closer to the needs of hearing-impaired friends. The experience of the fittings of the fitting center with a long operating period and a large number of customers is enriched.

Third, a reliable business must be a formal authorization certificate for hearing aid manufacturers.

As mentioned above, hearing aids are medical device products that need to be debugged before use. Manufacturers only provide operational skills training for authorized businesses. For example, if a fitting center sells Siemens products, but there is no manufacturer’s authorization certificate, the quality and true and false of the product are doubtful. Even if the product is true, the fitter can’t debug the product very well, so the effect will be greatly reduced when the user uses it.

Fourth, the manufacturers recommended by hearing aid manufacturers must be reliable businesses.

For example, Siemens listed his five strategic partners on his website. This needless to explain, the whole country1000A number of dealers, and manufacturers independently selected these as strategic partners, then the strengths, professional skills, service concepts, etc. of these several can be imagined.

5. In fact, there is a very simple way to judge, that is, you have to look at how many years the business has been in operation. Is there a lot of stores in the local area? The longer the business period, the more businesses in the local stores will be more Reliable.

6. See if there is a formal technical after-sales service center in the local area.

If the hearing aid fails and can be solved in the first place, it will greatly reduce the trouble that the hearing impairment brings to our lives and work. Those who wear glasses should have a deep understanding of the urgency of solving this problem. If the lens is broken, it will take ten days and a half to change to a new one. What a painful thing! If there is no technical service center in the local area, it is necessary to wait for the time to repair the hearing aid.7 ~ 10Days may be longer. If you have a local technical service center, you only need to wait two or three days. Furthermore, if the hearing aid casing is not suitable and the ear mold is not suitable, the maintenance technician can see the problem on the spot and directly modify it; if there is no technical after-sales service center, it can only be mailed to the manufacturer, and the maintenance technician describes the problem according to the fitter. To modify, which method is more accurate is self-evident. Only when the scale is large to a certain extent, a company with technical strength can set up a technical after-sales service center.

7. For children’s customers, see if there is a local language training class.

Businesses with the strength and sincere service to customers will set up a language training class, because the language training class is essential for children’s rehabilitation. Does this language training class have a hearing clinic? If you have a listening clinic, you can use a variety of test methods to get the correct hearing of your child in a timely manner (to test your child differently from adults, you need more equipment and methods), and regularly evaluate your child’s hearing aids. At any time, the child’s hearing aid is in the best state of compensation. In this way, the language training will take less detours.

All of the above are the hard conditions that a trustworthy business should have. Without these, the reliability of this business is questionable.

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