How to buy a hearing aid for a single ear[Purchase cheats]

If a person has hearing loss in both ears, try to match the ears as much as possible to achieve the desired healing effect. However, due to economic reasons, only when a hearing aid is selected for a single ear, it is necessary to consider which side ear selection will achieve better results. Today, dark blue tells everyone that single ear matchingHearing aidWhat should I pay attention to


1, degree and type of hearing loss

a.Mild to moderate hearing loss – choose a poorer ear, which can achieve a better balance between the ears, reflecting the advantages of binaural hearing.

b.Heavier hearing loss – better ear selection, because better ear language resolution is also better.

c.The flat type of audiogram is easier to match than the steep drop type of audiogram.

d.Easy to match with a wide dynamic range.

e.Conductive sputum is easier to match than sensorineural hearing loss.

Before deciding which side ear to choose, you should also consider the language resolution of both ears, generally the side with the best language resolution.


If there is tinnitus on one side of the ear, you can mask or reduce tinnitus after wearing a hearing aid.

3,personal habit

If the above factors are not very different between the two ears, you can choose one ear selection according to your own hand habits, living habits, personal preferences, occupational requirements, etc. For example, a taxi driver likes to wear a hearing aid on the ear that is closer to the passenger (mostly the right ear).

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