Elderly hearing and how much is the price?

Many customers call to hear hearing aids from hearing experts. The first question is always asking how old the hearing aids are? Whenever you hear this part of the hearing, it is always difficult for the hearing expert to answer the customer with a satisfactory answer. Hearing experts can only say how much the hearing aids have! And this answer says that it doesn’t make much difference. The following hearing experts have detailed instructions on the price of hearing aids:

Elderly hearing aidThe price is directly related to the type of hearing aid. Everyone often heard that someone bought a hearing aid at a certain drug shop. Someone bought two or three hundred online hearing aids. Yes, there are such products, but he is not a regular hearing aid, but a so-called amplifier, the simulator that the industry calls.

Disadvantages: Can not be based on customer hearing loss, no noise reduction, accompanied by whistling and other major defects.

The formal hearing aid, equivalent to a micro-computer, has its own operating platform, a unique operating system, and calculates the correct compensation curve for the customer’s hearing loss to maximize the customer’s hearing needs.

Today, we will not focus on the advantages of digital hearing aids, but introduce the price.

Popular typeElderly hearing and general price1000Diverse to4000Diversified, these hearing aids are more suitable for patients with severe hearing loss who are in poor economic condition. They can help them return to the “sound world” from the “silent world”, hear the words that are almost inaudible and some simple environmental sounds. Patients with poor speech-resolved sensorineural and mixed hearing loss are not ideal for multi-person conversations, outdoor activities, and watching TV, making phone calls, etc.

Economic typeElderly hearing and general price4000Diverse to8000Multiple, multi-channel/The frequency band compresses the sound and can be set2~3The program is suitable for use in a few simple life scenarios, and is suitable for elderly people with moderate or higher hearing loss, quiet living environment, and less social activities.

舒适 型Elderly hearing and general price8000Diverse to20000Within5~6Channel/The frequency band compresses the sound to make the sound clearer and more natural; the noise reduction function can eliminate the interference noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio; some manufacturers also have the “open ear” matching technology hearing aid, which reduces the light and moderate hearing. Loss the user’s feeling of blockage. Set up multiple programs to adapt to more complex living environments, such as watching TV, going to supermarkets, shopping malls, friends gatherings, meetings, etc., more suitable for moderate to above hearing loss, middle-aged and older people with more social activities and limited economic conditions The nephew is used.

MultifunctionalElderly hearing and general price2About 10,000 yuan to5About 10,000 yuan or more, applying the latest technology, diversified and personalized. There are products specially designed for the rehabilitation of deaf children, products designed for young people who are pursuing fashion, and products for successful people with high quality of life requirements. Such hearing aids8~20Channel/The frequency band refines the sound to maximize the original sound, listen to natural comfort, and some products incorporate many fashion elements, such as personalized appearance, dazzling color, mini compact, wireless communication, etc., to help the hearing loss Completely return to the mainstream society.

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