How long does it take for a child to speak after wearing a hearing aid?

This question is very general, how old is the child? In addition to the ear problem, is there any problem with the tongue, and what level of intelligence is it? How long does it take to speak differently depends on the person. Usually, after the child wears the hearing aid, the teacher must be trained by the language teacher. The child can slowly learn to speak and speak.


Usually the development of children’s language is closely related to hearing. The auditory organs are responsible for accepting the input of language information. If the language information cannot be input into the brain language center, the language cannot be output. The normal language development of normal children begins around 8 months, and children between one and two years old can communicate with people in simple sentences. Because the children are not stimulated by the outside world, the language information input function is relatively lacking, and the language cannot be outputted. Therefore, no speech is spoken, which is what the common people often say. Because these children missed the best period of language development, when they wear the hearing aid, they can hear the outside world, but they don’t understand the language of others, and they don’t use accurate words to express them. So there are children. Although with a hearing aid, it does not speak. After the children are wearing hearing aids, regular language rehabilitation training should be carried out. Professional language trainers will formulate scientific and planned training programs for each child according to the severity of hearing disability in children, so that children can accept and understand as quickly as possible. Language until the normal language function is restored.

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