How is the hearing aid waterproof?

waterproof ≠ Sweatproof, Because sweat can become sweat, sweating is a form of evaporation of the human body, just like the water evaporated by plants for photosynthesis. When we are constantly sweating, in fact, the body is constantly braving the heat, which is why when the winter sweats a lot, you can see the body white. Although the liquid sweat can’t directly enter the hearing aid, the “sweat steam” can invade the inside in the form of vapor and form condensed water with salt, which eventually becomes the culprit of corrosion. waterproof ≠ Moisture resistance even if it isIP68Levels of waterproof hearing aids are also afraid of moisture. In the wet season or after the rain, the user should immediately use a paper towel or dry cloth to absorb moisture, which can prevent moisture. Because moisture is like air, it will seep into all places. Once invaded into the hearing aid, the electronic components are damp. Many users have such a misunderstanding: after going home every day, putting the hearing aid into the dry box can be safe and dry, but in fact, more than ten hours a day, although the water does not directly infiltrate, the moisture has already sneaked into it. Therefore, please remember: once you are sweating, raining or in a humid environment, immediately remove the hearing aid and use a paper towel to absorb the water vapor, then go home and dry.

JH-D19 Waterproof Hearing Aid

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