Waterproof hearing aidHow much is a waterproof hearing aid?

Is there a waterproof hearing aid? There is more money for a waterproof hearing aid. Today, I heard a little edited to you:


日前Advanced Bionics announced that the new Neptune hearing aids they have developed have been approved by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Administration (PMDA) to begin mass production and go public. This Neptune hearing aid is arguably the most anticipated product of Advanced Bionics’ history. The Neptune body is waterproof and the wearer can take it to bathe or even swim.

The waterproof design of the Neptune hearing aid is designed to allow the hearing aid wearer in the water to hear the call on the shore. Imagine that with this Neptune, the wearer can easily swim in shallow waters, community pools, riversides and even the sea. All of these environments make this Neptune hearing aid easy to handle.

I believe that many traditional hearing aid wearers will encounter such a situation. When swimming or diving, they must remove the equipment they are wearing. In this way, they cannot accept all safety instructions from the shore or the coach, but it cannot be denied that these instructions are important at some important juncture.

Now with thisThe Neptune hearing aid from Advanced Bionics is different. This hearing aid is the first hearing aid that can be applied to the water, so you can hear the shouts from the shore and the wonderful sound of the waves in the pool during the swimming.

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