In terms of current technology, the life span of hearing aids can reach 5-8 years, and some people can use them for more than 10 years. Of course, there are also examples of using them for 2-3 years to discard them. So why is it so different for so many years? The biggest problem is the maintenance of hearing aids.

Next, I’ll show you how to maintain the hearing aid.

1. If you are wearing an in ear hearing aid, clean the hearing aid at least twice a week. If you are an oil ear, the cleaning frequency should be higher. Clean the hearing aid with a cotton stick or cotton cloth, and clean the sound hole or cerumen baffle with a soft brush.

2. The hearing aid is prohibited to contact with water. The hearing aid should be taken off before bathing and swimming. After that, the water stains in the ear canal should be cleaned before wearing the hearing aid to ensure that the hearing aid is in a dry environment.

3. If you are a patient with otitis media, the hearing aid should be removed during the attack of otitis media, and you can’t continue to wear it, otherwise the pus flowing into the hearing aid will be damaged. Once the attack occurs, remove it in time, treat it actively, and wear the hearing aid after the tympanitis is completely cured.

4. Replace the hearing aid battery in time. Once the battery of hearing aid is used up, remove and replace it in time. If the battery is still in the battery after power failure, it may cause leakage of hearing aid battery and corrosion of the machine.

5. When sleeping at night or not using the hearing aid, open the door of the battery compartment of the hearing aid, and put it in the drying box for drying and maintenance to keep the hearing aid dry at any time.

6. Prevent sweat from flowing into the hearing aid in summer. Compared with general water stains, sweat is more corrosive to the hearing aid. Therefore, sweat in summer should be wiped off in time.

7. Keep away from the high temperature. I have seen some people put the hearing aid in front of the small sun baking machine used in winter to dry it after it is damped. What’s more, put the hearing aid in the microwave oven after it is damped. When the person said this, I thought: why didn’t it explode… The safest way to do this is to dry the surface of the hearing aid, put it into a drying box, and then go to the hearing aid fitting center for vacuum dehumidification.

8. Be sure to prevent the hearing aid from falling. The hearing aid is also very fragile. If it falls from a high place, the shell will be damaged, and the internal parts will be damaged.

When maintaining the hearing aid, remember a point. The hearing aid needs to be dry, dry, and then dry. It is easy to damage the hearing aid in humid environment, especially in rainy seasons.

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