Under normal circumstances, most people think that the elderly have hearing loss and do not use hearing aids as a last resort. On the one hand, they don’t understand that in terms of effect, the current hearing aids are not comparable in the past; on the other hand, they are worried that hearing aids will aggravate hearing loss.

Most professional workers rely on hearing test results to determine whether the elderly need to use hearing aids, which is correct, but not comprehensive. There are two aspects to consider:

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First, if hearing test results show that hearing aids are needed, they should be used immediately;

Second, even if the hearing test results do not prove that it is necessary to use hearing aids (for example, the degree of hearing loss is not very serious), as long as the elderly think they need hearing aids subjectively, they must also use them. This is because hearing is a high-level, comprehensive and subjective feeling, and it is difficult to show the whole picture with modern audiometry technology, while the subjective feeling can make up for the lack of audiological examination. So “need” is also a signal. Once the old people feel the hearing difficulty in their life and work, it means that they need hearing aids, so they should be equipped with hearing aids.

In fact, there are two types of hearing aids that should be tested sooner rather than later: one is children, who need to use hearing aids to learn languages. The other is the elderly, who have poor hearing, and should use hearing aids as early as possible. Because the hearing loss of the elderly will gradually increase with the growth of age, and it will be necessary to use hearing aids sooner or later, and early use of hearing aids can slow down the process of hearing degradation, why not use them earlier? It is a wrong way to consider hearing aids until it is impossible to use them.

Although hearing loss is mild, as long as you feel that it has affected your normal work and life, you should wear hearing aids to better communicate with people, but you must choose a hospital or professional < a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/detail/id /" target = "blank" > hearing aid fitting agency < / a >. A professional fitting examiner will check for you After listening test, it is correct to choose a hearing aid suitable for you. Otherwise, unsuitable hearing aid and incorrect wearing mode may not solve your existing hearing problems, and may cause secondary damage to your hearing.

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