As we grow older, our hearing will slowly decline. Generally speaking, from the age of 45, we will have hearing loss. At the age of 60, most people will have different degrees of deafness. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, we call it senile deafness, which is caused by the aging of the hearing organ. So when we are older, how do we protect our hearing?

First, we need to be happy all the time. No matter the old or the young, when they are in a state of tension and anxiety for a long time, their blood pressure will rise. Over time, it will affect our hearing health, but for the old, it is more likely to cause it. On weekdays, our elderly people can go downstairs for a walk or do some sports according to their own physical conditions to relax themselves.

Second, keep away from noise sources. It is well-known that hearing loss will be caused by long-term exposure to noise, and the hearing loss caused by noise can be called noise deafness, which may also cause tinnitus. In case of some high-intensity explosive sounds, it may also cause tympanic membrane damage and bleeding.

Third, as we get older, we will inevitably suffer from many diseases. Most of the chronic diseases need to be relieved or suppressed by taking medicine. Before using the medicine, we need to ask the doctor whether the medicine is ototoxic or not. Once we take the ototoxic medicine carelessly, it will also cause hearing loss.

Fourth, reduce smoking and drinking. If you can quit, quit. Many cardiovascular diseases are caused by smoking and drinking. Once you get these cardiovascular diseases, your hearing will also drop. If some older smokers can’t quit, try to smoke less.

Fifth, eat more zinc, iron and calcium. We also need to pay more attention to the diet. We need to eat more foods rich in trace elements, zinc, iron and calcium, such as eggs, bean products, vegetables and fruits, and eat less foods with high oil and salt content, as well as those pickled and processed foods.

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