Most of us hear loud music, machine booms, firecrackers or gunshots, and there’s a constant sound in our ears for a while. But for people with tinnitus, there is always a buzz, a hiss, or a buzz. In addition to tinnitus, many problems of otology health can be solved by B12.

What is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a very special vitamin, which can hardly be found in vegetables, only in laver and seaweed. In addition, vitamin B12 is also the only vitamin containing essential minerals. It is red because of cobalt, also known as red vitamin, which is a few colored vitamins.

Effect of vitamin B12 on auditory nerve

Vitamin B12 plays a very special role in nerve problems. The body needs this nutrient to make myelin. Myelin is a layer of fat sheath wrapped around the nerve fiber, which isolates the nerve fiber from the outside and normally performs the function of transmitting nerve pulse. Lack of vitamin B12 will increase the content of homocysteine in the blood, and cause many kinds of nervous system dysfunction, including memory loss, slow response, tactile or pain perception ability decline, and certainly tinnitus and noise induced hearing loss.

How to take vitamin B12?

Most people can get enough vitamin B12 from their daily diet, but malabsorption will still make some people lack it, especially in the elderly. Strict vegetarians do not eat meat, eggs and dairy products, while vitamin B12 only exists in animal food, so they often lack it. The human body’s demand for vitamin B12 is very small. 6 micrograms per day is enough. Clam, ham, cooked oyster, horseshoe crab, herring, salmon, tuna and other foods provide us with rich vitamin B12

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