How can I delay senile deafness?

After entering the old age, people often have multiple hearing impairments, and even senile deafness occurs. How can we delay senile deafness? The following points should be noted:

1Avoid noise. Under the long-term noise and stimuli, the auditory organs are in a state of excitement for a long time, which causes the auditory function to be extremely tense and fatigued. This continues for many years, causing the auditory nerve cells to become rigid and atrophy, and hearing loss.


2Quit smoking and avoid alcohol. Nicotine in tobacco and chronic alcoholism can directly damage the auditory bones, auditory cells and nerve centers. Alcohol and alcohol can induce vasomotor disorders of the cerebral blood vessels, resulting in insufficient blood supply in the ear and induced hearing loss.

3Use drugs with caution. Older people must be careful to use toxic drugs that damage the auditory nerve, such as streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, neomycin. Salicylic acid preparations should also be used with caution.

4,Physical exercise. It is necessary to adhere to physical exercise, such as frequent running, dancing swords, and tai chi, to enhance the blood flow of the whole body to improve the nutritional supply of the inner ear. Exercise is best started in middle age, and it must be continued for a long time.

Family and friends need to help the elderly to improve their hearing ability. When the elderly are old, their body and mind are slower than young people. At this time, they will become more sensitive and lonely. Many old-age diseases have been entangled in the body. If the hearing is not good, it will hinder communication with relatives and friends, which will increase the burden on the elderly. and so. Listening is a very important bridge for them to communicate with relatives and friends. Family and friends should pay attention to it together.

First of all, the family should cooperate with the fitter, learn how to use the hearing aids with the hearing-impaired elderly, learn how to maintain, help the elderly build confidence, and constantly encourage the elderly to do their solid backing.

Secondly, it is necessary to correctly understand the wearing effect of the hearing aid. Hearing aid is not a bug, distance2-3Rice has the best effect. Just wear a process that requires adaptation, listen slowly, and adapt slowly. After a while, the old man will gradually adapt to the sound of the hearing aid. The correct expectation is a prerequisite for the successful use of hearing aids by the elderly.

Again, pay attention to the hearing state of the elderly and the use of hearing aids. Any changes in the environment or changes in hearing may result in poor hearing aid status. In this case, you should consult and debug the fitting center and the fitter in time.

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