Baby, when you are equipped with a hearing aid to recover from Xiaoling, my biggest wish is to hear you call a dad, call a mother, and then you do it. You graduated from Little Bailing. My biggest wish is that you can go to elementary school just like any other child. Then you did it. Your grades have always been at the top of the school. I am very pleased and very happy. Mom and Dad have no high requirements for you. I only hope that you can grow up happy and healthy like other children.

This is the father of Zhang Yaoyue, a girl who is congenitally deaf. He is a loyal and honest farmer. He has no culture, but there is a heart of love, which is enough.

When Xiaoyao Yue was one and a half years old, Dad found that the same age children could call Dad and Mom, and they could sing a half-sentence song, and Xiao Yaoyue would not call Mom and Dad. The old man said that it might be late to talk. Urgent, but the loving woman’s father felt that something was wrong. The next morning, she took the child to Qingdao Women and Children’s Hospital. The diagnosis result of the hospital was severe sensorineural deafness, irreversible. This strong man collapsed instantly, until today, remembering the feelings of the time, “He turned around and felt that he would collapse in the sky,” he recalls.

After the grief, Xiao Yaoyue’s parents decided to do their best to “treat the sick” for the child.

Through inquiries, they found the manager of Desheng Hearing (now upgraded to a national chain service organization). After learning the news, Wu immediately arranged to receive Xiao Yaoyue’s family and arranged for a number of fitting experts. All aspects of Xiaoyaoyue’s hearing were tested and detailed hearing solutions were provided. Finally, Xiaoyao Yue’s ears were equipped with hearing aids suitable for her. Hearing compensation was around 40 decibels and he successfully entered Xiaobailing’s listening language rehabilitation. The center conducts speech rehabilitation training.

At the age of 6, she underwent cochlear implant surgery and replaced her new hearing aid with her left ear. After many adjustments, the hearing compensation has reached 20 decibels, and the hearing situation has improved fundamentally. Time flies, 8 is over in the blink of an eye, Xiaoyao month 9 is old, and I am going to the third grade. The teacher and classmates care about her and let her sit in the middle of the first row. Xiao Yaoyue also worked hard on his own. The final exam language scored a perfect score of 100 and a mathematical 95 score. Yaoyue Dad said that although they gave up a lot for the children, he felt that it was the most correct decision to accompany her during the most critical period of her daughter’s language development.

Xiao Yaoyue has already made her hearing a second home. Her severe sensorineural deafness has ceased to exist. During 8’s time, we witnessed her recovery, witnessed her growth, and witnessed her. Happiness, at the age of flowers, can hear the sound of flowers, the happiest thing for this family!

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