In our life, we are exposed to a lot of fast-moving consumer goods, which really brings us convenience and speed, but we are often surrounded by not only fast-moving consumer goods, but also durable consumer goods like hearing aids. We don’t want hearing aids to be consumed quickly. In this case, we should take action to make hearing aids enjoy the four seasons.

In spring, the wind is strong, the climate is dry, the body is lack of water, and the metabolism is relatively slow. But because the temperature in spring changes from high to low, the secretion of sebum is more or less. Moreover, with the warming of the temperature, people have more opportunities to go out and suffer from external pollution. For hearing aids, in spring, we should pay attention to the cleaning of hearing aids.

For the cleaning of general hearing aids, dry cotton balls shall be used at least 1-2 times a week to clean the hearing aids. If necessary, alcohol shall be used to scrub the hearing aids, and liquid shall not flow into the hearing aids. Clean the dirt and water accumulated in the earplug or ear mold pipe frequently, and check whether there is foreign matter blocking at the Mike air outlet. Especially for the ear canal hearing aid, it is necessary to use a small brush to clean the cerumen and earwax blocked at the mouth of the sound transmission, and replace the cerumen baffle if necessary.

Summer is a rainy and humid season, the temperature is higher, the human body is easy to sweat, and the secretion is more. Sweat will corrode the machine and directly affect the life of hearing aids. In summer, outdoor sports are also very extensive, and the range and intensity of action will increase accordingly. Therefore, hearing aids should pay more attention to the problems of damp and falling in summer.

Keep the hearing aid dry to avoid dampness, heat and water immersion. Remove the hearing aid during face washing, hair washing, swimming and glue eruption. Pay attention to protect it from rain when it rains. In humid seasons and areas, as well as people who like to sweat, special attention should be paid to keep dry, and adhere to the use of desiccant, do not use corrosive solution to clean hearing aids. Avoid falling, collision or concussion. Falling, collision or concussion may lead to breakage of hearing aid shell and damage of internal components.

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1. Once the hearing aid is damped accidentally, the battery in the hearing aid must be taken out as soon as possible, and the hearing aid shall be powered off to prevent the chip from burning due to the short circuit of the hearing aid circuit;

2. Then dry the affected part with a clean dry cloth, and then put the hearing aid in the hearing aid care treasure for drying.

The temperature will gradually drop in autumn, but it is generally slower than that in winter. Due to the difference of dry and wet conditions, different regions will have cold and rainy weather conditions, or dry and cool weather conditions. Especially in the colder late autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large. We should pay attention to the maintenance of hearing aid battery and avoid static electricity.

In dry weather, do not put the battery in the hearing aid drying box. To prevent the hearing aid from being corroded by the battery liquid, take out the battery when it is not used for a long time. At night, open the battery compartment or take out the battery after the hearing aid is taken off.

Static electricity may cause short circuit of hearing aids, no sound, serious damage to microphone parts. Some hearing aids equipped with electrostatic protection devices will shut down the hearing aids after detecting the electrostatic accumulation to a certain extent, resulting in suspected failure.

Generally speaking, the first half of winter is cold and dry. After entering the second half, with the increase of warm and humid air flow in the south, the rain and snow will gradually increase. In winter, water vapor is very easy to appear in hearing aids, which should be noted.

In the north, pay special attention to the water vapor in the acoustic pipe of the hearing aid caused by the indoor and outdoor temperature difference. If there is water vapor in the pipe, the sound of the hearing aid will become small or even silent. In addition, the customized machine is careful to break the underground shell in case of cold and hot, and pay attention to the ear warmth, especially the ear back hearing aid is prone to frostbite.

In winter, the zinc air battery may need to wait for a while to discharge after tearing off the skin. It needs a little longer time to contact with the air.

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