Hearing aid dual microphone-Benefits of hearing aid dual microphone

The signal-to-noise ratio of the dual microphone is better than that of a single microphone. The ability to capture sounds in all directions, in a noisy environment, can recognize the speech sound in front of the patient and attenuate the noise, thereby improving the clarity of speech. A single microphone is an omnidirectional source of ingestion that does not recognize speech and noise, so the positioning and noise reduction of the sound source is not enough. Hearing aid dual microphone2Form

1.The microphone dual port receives signals in the front and rear positions respectively,The two signals are transmitted into the microcomputer in the movement, and the computer determines the direction based on the time difference between the two microphones and the sound signal.

2.TM The two microphone systems in the system are arranged horizontally, applying delay and cancellation methods, and the chip finally realizes the directivity function. The dual microphone circuit is more complex, the chip is faster, the technology is higher, and the price is slightly higher. It mainly selects omnidirectional or directional microphones when dealing with changing and complex sound environments, improving signal-to-noise ratio, effectively protecting hearing and performing better.

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