Everyone knows that there are many institutions for hearing aids in various cities, but which one is reliable and which one is trustworthy? As an insider, as a practitioner, we have to talk about conscience. In order to be responsible for our wide-ranging hearing-impaired friends, in order to maintain the consumer rights of hearing-impaired friends, I have a voice to say today!

When choosing a hearing aid, everyone is rushing to improve their listening ability. But if you choose a hearing aid that is not suitable for you, you may have to pay attention. Maybe your hearing is not improving but falling.

When you buy online, the network customer service staff may fool you into saying that the machine can be debugged, that is, buy and wear. If you buy such a hearing aid, you may not be able to hear the sound in the later stages, and even the hearing loss will become more and more serious.

According to relevant statistics, even if the online shopping model with after-sales protection is adopted, nearly half of them expressed concern about the risks and drawbacks of online shopping, and said that if the warranty of the online shopping platform is not improved, the online shopping will be abandoned.

If you are planning to buy a hearing aid online, please read the sharing content today and start again~

Hearing aids belong to the second category of medical devices. They are based on the degree of human hearing loss, after professional hearing detection and evaluation, and are qualified by special personnel. The fitting of a suitable hearing aid can change the difficulty of the work, life and learning of the hearing impaired, and vice versa. After the hearing aid fitting is successfully worn, it needs to be regularly debugged, maintained and repaired. However, these are not available after the online shopping.

So, what are the problems with online hearing aids?(Next we will slowly combine the case to analyze.Case source: 聋人网


Citizen Xu mother, 70 is many years old. She bought a hearing aid online and had a small amount of blood flowing out of her ear after a week of wearing. When Xu’s mother asked for compensation, the online merchant said that it was caused by inflammation in the old man’s ear. Finally, through the mediation of the staff of the Consumers Association, the merchant finally handled the return procedure for Xu’s mother and compensated her 500.

Case shows: the quality of online shopping hearing aids cannot be guaranteed


Mr. HuangHe bought a hearing aid from an online merchant in Wuhan. He was optimistic about the day and paid for the order. During the inquiry of the express delivery number, he found that the hearing aid should have been sent south to Chenzhou, Hunan Province, but it was inexplicable to the south of Zhengzhou. As a result, he had received the goods for a long time.

Case shows: online shopping aids can not be bought immediately

Ms. Wang bought a hearing aid online, and she found quality problems when she arrived. After consulting the online customer service, the customer service said that the store could not be repaired and needed to find a manufacturer. So Ms. Wang called the factory again, but the manufacturer said: “Please buy online customer service personnel to protect the rights of the products purchased online.” In the end, the manufacturer forced the Ms. Wang to repair the machine. This kindIt is not uncommon for both sides to shirk their responsibility for each other.

Case show: online purchase hearing aid After-sales cannot be guaranteed

Hearing is here to remind you: in order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of your consumption, be sure to keep your eyes open when choosing to buy a hearing aid, please tryChoose a big brand,Experience with fitting,Have professional services,Have security after-sales serviceThe physical business, thereby reducing the risk of online hearing aids.

Hearing is here, solemnly promise to the majority of users: We will never fool customers, we have one to say one!

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