Full digital hearing aid features[8Big advantage]

1. Gain processing The ability of a hearing aid to amplify sound is the primary physical property of a hearing aid, which we call gain.

The purpose of the patient’s optional hearing aid is to obtain the maximum compensation for the audibility under comfortable conditions. This requires the hearing aid amplifier to have low noise, no distortion of signal amplification, wide enough frequency response, flexible adjustment of high, medium and low frequency sound, large , medium and small volume can be controlled. Full digital hearing aid”heart”– DSPThe powerful processing function enables the hearing aid to perform multi-band adjustment and multi-channel compression control on the input signal to ensure the above characteristics.

2. Feedback howling Patients with severe deafness often have feedback whistling because of the lack of tight ear canal closure, and some patients with mild deafness also produce feedback whistling. The feedback suppression circuit of the all-digital hearing aid can eliminate or partially eliminate the feedback howling. There are two common circuits. One of them does not affect the signal output of the hearing aid while eliminating the feedback whistle; the other has less influence on the output power of the hearing aid.

3. Noise processing In noisy environments, the effects of using hearing aids can be affected, and patients will feel uncomfortable if they are used in such an environment for a long time. The digital noise attenuation processor of the all-digital hearing aid can recognize and attenuate steady-state noise (such as noise generated by refrigerators, automobiles, computers, etc.). It is worth noting that: so far, no all-digital hearing aid can separate the noise from the speech, only to attenuate the noise and the speech with the same frequency as the noise in the corresponding channel. For this, we should not listen to the exaggerated and untrue propaganda in the advertisement.

4. Language enhancement (spectral enhancement processing) In patients with sensorineural deafness, the recognition of the sound frequency is reduced, that is, the language recognition power is decreased. Scientists use spectrum boosting techniques to make the distinction between vowels and consonants more apparent, in order to improve the speech recognition of deaf patients.

5. Directional microphone (dual microphone) management technology Scientists have long confirmed that directional microphones can effectively improve the signal-to-noise ratio of hearing aids, but because directional microphones have their own shortcomings, they are not widely used until the hearing aids are fully digitized. Thanks to the use of digital signal processor technology, all-digital hearing aids can automatically calibrate the matching of the two microphones, making them more flexible depending on the environment of the different sounds.

6. Signal generator technology Full digital hearing aidDSPNot only does it have the ability to amplify sound, but it also makes a sound. At this point, the hearing aid can be used as an audiometer. Used to measure the hearing and loudness of the deaf in situ (with a hearing aid). This improves the adjustment accuracy of the hearing aid and makes the patient’s use of the hearing aid better.

7. User-friendly function The all-digital hearing aid has: 1 low battery prompt: When the battery is low, it can automatically send a reminder to remind the patient to replace the battery. 2 boot delay function: can avoid feedback squeal stimulation when the patient wears the hearing aid. 3 multi-memory programs: to meet a variety of use needs, such as quiet environment, noisy environment, listening to music, making phone calls, etc. 4 Automatically eliminate wind noise. 5 plug ear effect adjustment.

8. Intelligent function It automatically recognizes noise and speech environments and switches programs.

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