Action 1: after working, massage the tympanic membrane, block the left and right ears with the palms of both hands at the same time, and leave quickly after pressing, which can promote the blood circulation of the ears, and is good for relieving tinnitus and relieving brain fatigue

Action 2: gently rub the ear and earlobe when massaging and washing the face, or press the palms of both hands on the ear, place the thumb behind the brain, and knock the back brain spoon with four fingers, so as to promote blood, lymph circulation and tissue metabolism, regulate the mechanism of human organs and relieve tinnitus by stimulating nerve endings.

Action 3: when you wake up in the morning, open and close your mouth as much as possible, exhale out a breath, then take a breath and close it again. This way, you can open and close your mouth several times in a row. It can not only make many muscles of your face move rhythmically, but also promote metabolism of your body. One opening and one closing of your mouth can accelerate blood circulation and throat Get activity, keep the eustachian tube unobstructed, keep the pressure inside and outside the ear in balance, which has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of tinnitus.

Action 4: hold your breath, sit still, clench your teeth, pinch your nostrils with two fingers, open your eyes angrily, make the air jump into the ear canal until you feel the roar. This can increase the pressure of each blood vessel in the ear, make more blood concentrate here, and is good for relieving tinnitus.

Action 5: apply warm towel to the ear, or rub your hands until you feel the heat in the palm, press your hands tightly on your ears, and expand the blood vessels in your ears through the temperature, so as to increase the local blood supply.

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