As we all know, hearing aid is a very precise high-tech instrument. Sometimes it is easy to be damaged by carelessness. Sometimes it is very careful but there are still problems. How to improve the service life of hearing aid? Jinghao hearing aid to tell you!

Note 1: moisture proof

It is easy to damage electronic products in humid environment. Hearing aids may be noisy, distorted or without amplification. Sometimes, due to long-term damp, the battery compartment of hearing aids and even the internal main board rust and rot. therefore, it is recommended that you take out the battery every day when you do not use hearing aids, and put the hearing aids into the drying box, drying bag or special electronic dryer for hearing aids In the dryer, the solution after getting damp: ensure that there is no water vapor on the surface of the hearing aid, and put it in the electronic dryer for 4-6 hours. If the hearing aid is still in failure or silent state, contact your audiologist as soon as possible to help solve the problem.

Note 2: check the battery

The zinc air battery used in the hearing aid contains strong alkaline electrolyte. Once there is leakage, it will cause fatal injury to the hearing aid. Therefore, it is recommended that you take out the battery every day when you remove the hearing aid, put the hearing aid into the drying box or electronic drying box, and check the battery status before use the next day.

Note 3: earwax prevention

Dry earwax is the most common in Asians. People usually shake most of the earwax out of the ear canal when they talk, chew and walk because of the vibration. However, some of the earwax remains in the ear canal. Especially after wearing the customized machine, the ear canal is blocked, and the earwax will directly block the receiver, resulting in silence or even damage to the receiver. It is recommended to clean the ear canal with a cotton swab before wearing the hearing aid every day. After taking off the hearing aid every day, check the sound hole and clean it. Or regularly replace the earwax prevention net of the customized machine, which will greatly reduce the risk of the hearing aid becoming small or silent.

Note 4: falling prevention

The hearing aid belongs to the precision instrument. Because the components in the hearing aid are connected by very small wires, it is easy to be broken after being impacted. In particular, due to the structural relationship of the receiver itself, the internal voice vibrating reed and thimble are easy to shift and deform after impact, resulting in distortion and silence. The customized machine is easy to fall because of its small volume, so it should be worn at the initial stage Sofa, bed and other soft places to wear.

Jinghao hearing aid reminder: hearing aid wearing requires professional “matching”, so it is very important to choose a professional hearing aid matching center and a hearing aid tester! If you have any hearing problems, you can call Jinghao for consultation, or come to the matching center for experience. Hearing aid free consultation Tel.: + 86-18566295705


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