How to use hearing aids successfully? Careful protection can extend the service life of hearing aids < / a > by < a href = "http: / / www.sqhearing. COM / tlkp / 332. HTML" target "=" U blank "> because your investment will achieve great results and your daily life will be free of worries. Although the hearing aid is hard to make, it is small in appearance and can’t bear rough treatment. To deal with it carefully is to give us the best advice. Here are some concrete and practical suggestions:

1. Wear or remove the hearing aid on the soft surface (such as bed, sofa, etc.), and do not let the hearing aid fall on the hard surface.

2. Do not let the hearing aid contact with violent heat, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from radiation. Never try to repair the hearing aid yourself.

3. Remove the hearing aid before showering, entering the bathtub or swimming. Always keep the hearing aid dry and remove moisture from the hearing aid. At night, remove the battery and let the battery cover open. At the same time, wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth.

4. If you want to work in a humid environment or sweat a lot, please keep yourself dry every day and remove the moisture from the hearing aid (desiccant can be bought in the exclusive store).

5. Do not let children or pets touch hearing aids. Dogs will be irritated when they hear feedback signals. In addition, it will be attracted by the host’s smell. When these two situations occur at the same time, it will often lead to the action of damaging the hearing aid.

6. Do not let the hearing aid contact with the eruption glue, oil and other things. Do not wear the hearing aid before completing the daily makeup procedure. Do not wear hearing aids in beauty salons.

7. Keep ear canal clean. If you want your hearing aid to be the most effective, you must always keep your ear canal and rubber tube clean and remove ear secretions and debris. Your audiologist will recommend suitable products and procedures to you.

8. Meet with your hearing examiner regularly to check whether your hearing aid has accumulated ear secretions and whether it operates normally.

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