The 2017 IFA Berlin Consumer Electronics Show is one of the three major home appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions that are on the same page as AWE and CES. IFA is a leading manufacturer and trader of consumer electronics products from around the world. The platform, in which the emergence of epoch-making electronic technology products, is the result of people’s unlimited extension of imagination.

At the show, Danish Resound, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids, presented the recently launched smart hearing aid Resound Linx3D. When the wireless hearing aid system is connected to a mobile phone or a tablet computer, navigation information, music, sports news, and even foreign language translation can be transmitted to the wearer through the hearing aid, and in the future, it is possible to interconnect with a home appliance such as a washing machine, and the hearing aid can Learn about the working condition of the washing machine remotely.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Tian Ying Berlin 9 month 6 day live experience, 2017 Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) focused on a hearing aid, because of its concept of human-computer integration is called “to the semi-robot” technology. Wearing a hearing aid can not only hear more clearly, but also hear useful information such as navigation, news and even foreign language translation…

The term “semi-robot” appeared in the 20 century 60 era, referring to organisms that have been enhanced by the fusion of artificial elements or techniques. The German media “Daily Mirror” believes that although humans have a long road to semi-robots, health products such as the intelligent hearing aid system at 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show show “the transition to human-computer integration” One step has already taken.”

Yuwal Hulari, an Israeli historian and author of A Brief History of Humanity, once said that with the development of artificial intelligence and biosensors, brain-computer interaction and other technologies, human-computer integration will be fully realized in this century.

This wireless hearing aid system also has a mobile application that can be used to select the user’s scene, home, office and outdoor scenes on the phone for better hearing aids.

With cloud technology, the company’s auditory engineers can also remotely tune the device. Users only need to download the update program on the application and then automatically transfer it to the hearing aid.

Similar to this is a smart sports product Livall riding smart helmet produced by a Chinese company. The helmet is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. You only need to press the button on the bicycle to make a call while riding, without having to answer the call by hand. At the same time, the helmet also has functions such as smart light display, music playback and SOS help. This helmet won the Innovation Award for Intelligent Sports Equipment at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin.

Recently, mainstream media such as and are competing to report on the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show IFA. The Danish GN Listening Group intelligently listens to the black technology and brings shock to users. During the exhibition, people saw that the life track of hearing aid users naturally and easily harmonized with ordinary people, listening to the same voice, doing the same thing and even more. In the future, cutting-edge hearing aid technology will create more than just listening, and a lifestyle that breaks through imagination. GN smart listening, beyond expectations!

The GN Hearing Group is amazing! Even Xinhua News Agency is applauding! ! !

It is reported that the predecessors of the two series of Belce Trust and Resin LiNX 3D in this super intelligent technology platform will gradually introduce into the Chinese market, bringing more “listening” benefits to the users!

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