Ear and back machine hearing aidAnd the ear machine hearing aid which is better

What is the characteristics of the ear-back machine and the ear-back machine?

As the name suggests, this kind of hearing aid is worn behind the ear, it is much smaller than the box machine, and there is no external wire connection, which is convenient and comfortable to wear. Most of these hearing aids can be connected to external sources such as hearing devices, language training systems, and the like. Compared with the box type, the ear-back hearing aid is much smaller, which has the advantage of being convenient to use. The double ear can also produce a sense of direction, and the power design has many varieties, the function setting is comprehensive, and the price is various, from low to low. High prices are available. The disadvantage of the behind-the-ear type is that it is not concealed and easily damp.


What is the ear machine,Ear and back machine hearing aidWhat are the characteristics?

The in-ear machine is also called a custom machine. The custom machine is specialized according to the different ear canal of each person. It can be divided into ear cavity type, ear canal type and deep ear canal type according to the size. The largest in-ear hearing aid is characterized by being placed in the ear, beautiful and concealed, small and exquisite. The customized hearing aid is worn in the ear cavity or the ear canal, which fully utilizes the acoustic characteristics of the auricle and the ear canal, conforms to human hearing habits, and has obvious advantages. Due to the customization, the performance of the hearing aid is more consistent with the ear canal of the user and is not easy to fall off. Customized hearing aids also feature small size, light weight, low distortion, low noise, and concealed comfort. The disadvantage of the custom machine is that the power is not as large as the ear-back machine, and there is no way to customize the patient who is hearing loss. The same model and the same power as the ear machine, the price of the ear machine is more expensive.

When choosing a hearing aid, you need to fully consider the specific circumstances of the wearer. If it is an infant, the ear canal is still developing, and it is suitable to choose the ear-back machine. If it is a severely hearing-impaired person, the high-powered ear-back machine is also the first choice. If the elderly are not flexible, they are also suitable for wearing a large ear-back machine, which is more convenient for the elderly.

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