Ear exercises-How to do ear exercises[Detailed map]

1Point to listen to the palace

Press the index finger to press the hearing hole in front of the tragus50Times. If you have pain in this area when you press 揉, it is more common in the middle ear inflammation or the dysfunction of the mandibular joint caused by cold. It is recommended to check the otolaryngology to see if there is inflammation.

2Hit the drum

Both hands are covering your ears, using the eight fingers other than the thumb to slam the back of your head, at least tapping36Times. Have blood circulation, stimulate blood gas.


Press the palm of your hand against the ear hole, then quickly open it and repeat the action20Times.

4Pulling the pinna

Pull the tip of the ear with your thumb and index finger, pull the middle of the auricle backward, and pull the earlobe down.10Times, this action is repeated3Times.

5揉搓 pinna

Use the palm of your hand to hold the same side of the auricle, and do the front and rear squats. When you squat forward, the auricle will cover the ear hole and repeat the action.20About a second.

Adhere to this action not only has health care for the ears, but also dredges the meridians, invigorates the organs, and has a great effect on body health.


Hold the auricle with your index and middle fingers, and repeat the above action once.30About a second. Frictional earlobe10More times.

Eye exercises are done every day, and ear exercises are also to be learned!

If you insist, you can prevent dizziness, tinnitus, chloasma, etc. It is a magic weapon for many eyebrows.

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