Deafness is a very common disease in today’s society. In fact, it is also true. Deafness, also known as hearing loss, is the second largest disability. At the same time, ear day has been set up specially. It also costs a lot of money and energy to promote education every year, but the results are obvious and not so good.

Many deaf patients will choose to buy hearing aids by themselves, but after a period of time, they find that the effect is not good, and then discard them, so as to judge the hearing aids psychologically. They think that the hearing aids are not useful, and the effect is very poor. Is the hearing aids so bad? It is clear that the effect is so poor. Why so many manufacturers in China still spend a lot of money every year How about money to develop it?

Actually, the effect of hearing aids is not good. You didn’t choose the right one.

Hearing aids are selected and matched. As the name implies, selection and matching are indispensable. Many people who buy hearing aids by themselves either buy them online or buy them in drugstores. They spend 2 or 300 yuan. The effect is naturally bad.

The selection of hearing aids depends on our own hearing loss. Our hearing loss situation determines the power of hearing aids. In many cases, our patients need both good effect and beautiful appearance, but sometimes this does not show that a severe hearing loss patient wants to be equipped with a deep ear hearing aid, but in fact, the deep ear hearing aid is only applicable to light and medium hearing aid Generally speaking, the smaller the hearing aid is, the smaller the power of the hearing aid will be. The hearing aid worn in the deep ear canal can imagine how small it will be, and the power will naturally not meet the requirements of the patients with severe hearing loss.

At the same time, this kind of small, in ear hearing aid is generally not recommended for the elderly. When they get older, their hands are not so flexible, and their glasses may also get old. This kind of hearing aid is relatively close and not easy to operate. At the same time, infants and children are not recommended to use it. After all, their ear canal is still developing, and they will feel uncomfortable after wearing it.

Secondly, when choosing hearing aids, those who have money should not choose expensive ones, and those who have no money should not be greedy for small ones. Hearing aids should be determined according to their own hearing loss. We need to go to a professional fitting center to do a series of tests before fitting. This is very important. Besides the selection, the effect of hearing aids is also related to the technology of the fitting engineer.

So again, we must go to a professional fitting center to choose a hearing aid. Don’t buy one on the Internet at will. The effect of the hearing aid bought in this way is definitely bad. 40% of a good hearing aid depends on the fitting examiner, so how important is it for you to know.

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