Does the hearing aid have a sound in a quiet environment?

I often encounter customers in the store’s work and say “my hearing aids are loud” hearing aids. As a hearing aid, we almost know that it may be hearing aid distortion; it may be the noise of the environment. Large; it may be that the compression ratio of the debug is too large; it may also be that the output power is too large to exceed the discomfort threshold. But for customers, there are generally the following situations:


First: the hearing aid is too loud and loud, which makes it feel louder in noisy environments. You can go to the fitting center for debugging.

Second: the earplugs of the hearing aids are not worn, or the eardrums are small, and the whistling sound may be mistaken for noise. Wear earplugs or

Replace the eardrum.

Third: the low-end hearing aid can only adjust the volume of the volume, there is no noise reduction function, and the noise environment is noisy. If you feel unbearable, it is best to replace the hearing aid with better performance, so that the wearing comfort will be improved. In general, we need specific analysis of specific issues, but also patiently tell customers, can not just blame the hearing aids 哟

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