Does the hearing aid ear mold work?

The ear mold is an acoustic coupler that connects the human ear to the hearing aid and is part of the hearing aid system that transmits the amplified sound of the hearing aid to the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane. It is customized according to the shape of the human ear and the external auditory canal.


(1Fixed hearing aid

The most basic function of the ear mold is to make the hearing aid wear more stable and comfortable. Since the ear mold is completely formed according to the shape of the auricle and the external auditory canal, the physiological structures such as the ear wheel, the ear cavity and the external auditory canal can ensure that the ear mold and the hearing aid are more stable and can meet the needs of the patient in terms of comfort and appearance.

(2) Prevent acoustic feedback

The ear mold establishes a closed acoustic channel between the hearing aid and the tympanic membrane. The sound outside the ear mold is moderately isolated, and the amplified sound in the ear mold is not leaked from the external auditory canal, causing acoustic feedback.

(3Improve acoustic characteristics

Correcting the shape of the ear mold and the diameter of its various sound holes can compensate for the lack of acoustic characteristics of the hearing aid to a certain extent, and further improve the sound quality after hearing aid.


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