There is a big difference, because with the increase of age, the body’s various functions are declining, the ability of speech recognition will be lower and lower, and on the contrary, children are growing and developing, so the hearing aids of the elderly and children are selective and functional. It is still very different, so it is recommended to choose different people according to the recommendations given by the fitter, choose a hearing aid suitable for the patient’s hearing, how to use the hearing aid after the selection, what kind of exercise and what kind of exercise is needed. The language training is different.

The girl assumes hearing aid

Ordinary hearing aid performance is also differentFirst of all, the elderly are capable of speaking, and the performance requirements of the hearing aids will not be so high. As long as the appropriate hearing compensation can be basically solved, basically the hearing aids have such functions. Unless it is a person with very poor speech resolving power and is particularly sensitive to sound, the performance requirements for hearing aids will be higher. Children are different. Some children do not have the ability to speak. They need to learn. The performance requirements of hearing aids will be higher. If you don’t listen well during the period of learning speech, it will affect the learning and speech, and the communication in daily life.

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