Does the child hearing aid have the same performance as the elderly hearing aid?

Child hearing aidIt is not the same as the performance of hearing aids for the elderly. The elderly have verbal ability. The functional requirements of the hearing aid are less than that of the child. As long as the power is enough, the noise reduction is good, and the speed is basically no problem, but the child is different, the child has no speech ability, needs to learn, simple function. Can not meet, need hearing aids fast, good sound quality, high definition. Therefore, the choice of hearing aids for children should be extra cautious.

First, an accurate assessment of the hearing condition of a deaf child is a prerequisite for the scientific selection of a hearing aid. Listening assessment for infants and young children is a complex and systematic task. This is one of the key links in the success or failure of hearing aids. The assessment can be used to understand the nature and extent of deafness.When the patient’s reliable hearing is obtained, matching the internal parameters of the hearing aid with the hearing loss level of the child is the most important step in the hearing aid selection. Then there is the need to do an effect evaluation after wearing the hearing aid to see if the hearing aid compensation is in place. Specific recommendations to the professional hearing agency consultation comparison.

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