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JH-A39 manual

Instruction manual Model : JH-A39

jh-A39 rechargeable ite hearing aids manual [Download PDF]

Part 1: Charging instructions #

1. Connect the Micro_USB line to the charging case to let the carging case fully charged.
2. When you need to charge the hearing aid. Put the machinges into the charging case.
3. During charge period the indication light will show BLUE.
4. Once charging is complete the indication light will show WHITE.
5. Charging time : 1.5 – 2 hours
6. Operating time: 12 hours

Part 2 : Operation Instructions #

1. Before use , Make sure the amplifier is fully charged.
2. Taking out the amplifier from the charging case.
3. To turn ON: Press us to 3 seconds to turn on when you hear twice “beep”.
4. While coering the microphone with your fingertip to avoid the high-pitched sound, place the hearing amplifier into ear.
5. Make sure you achieve a comfortable fit, and that the microphone is not being blocked.
6. To turn off the amplifier, press up to 3 seconds when you hear twice “beep”.

Volume control: #

Press the volume button to adjust the volume. There are 6 sound levels of volume, and you will hear a “beep” sound each time a level goes up. You will hear three times “beep” at the max volume. If you press again, It will go back to the lowest volume.

Part 3: Specification #

Maximum OSPL90: <=120dB+3dB
High frequency average OSPL90: 103DB +-3dB
Average gain: 23db +- 5dB
Equivalent input noise level :<= 35dB
Total harmonic distorttion: <=10%
Frequency response range :300Hz ~ 3500Hz
Rated power supply current consumption: <=6mA
Working time: 12-15 hours
Charging time: 90min -2hours
Charging case working current: <=70mA
Charging case working voltage: 3.7V
Charging case charging time: 90min
Hearing aid charging current <=30mA
Hearing aid charging voltage: 4.2V
hearing aid charging time (double machine): 3-4 time

Product details:
JH-A39 Rechargeable ITE Hearing Aid

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