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What are the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids?

Rechargeable hearing aids allow you to hear your best without having to deal with the timely and costly upkeep of replacing batteries. Some of the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids include:

  • Less hassle– no need to replace batteries every few days, instead you can just place your hearing aids on a charger at night just like you do your phone.
  • Saves you money– disposable batteries can add up quickly becoming very expensive, but with rechargeable hearing aids you don’t have to worry about spending more on batteries.
  • Convenient– you don’t have to worry about your hearing aid battery dying suddenly during the day. Instead you can charge your devices at night and be confident they will last you throughout the day.
  • Better for the environment– unlike disposable batteries which have to be tossed out, rechargeable hearing aids can be re-used hundreds of times.
  • Long-lasting charge– Most rechargeable hearing aids can get hours of use after just a 30 minute charge. With most hearing aid brands, a full charge will get you nearly 24 hours of power.

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