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What are some common problems adjusting to hearing aids?

Hearing aids can take some getting used to. Hearing loss does not just reside in the ears, but in the brain as well. When someone has hearing loss, the auditory cortex in the brain adjusts in order to cope. When a hearing aid is used, sounds are sent to the brain at a closer to normal volume and clearness, causing the brain to react in a surprised way. This will result in things sounding too loud, or the tone of your voice sounding like you’re talking in a barrel. Certain sounds, like the wind, might be alarming to you at first since it’s been a while since you’ve been able to clearly hear. Don’t worry though, the brain will adjust and everything will start to sound normal again. Be patient and realize that the more you wear your hearing aids the more your brain will get used to forgotten sounds. We recommend wearing them most of the time you’re awake. Strike up conversations to see how it feels to be speaking to someone and wait a few weeks until you try them out in a noisy environment as it can be overwhelming for new users at first.

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