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Do you have any tips for getting used to wearing hearing aids?

Yes! Here are several tips to help your ears and your brain get accustomed to new hearing aids:

  • When you first get your hearing aids, try them out where you’re the most comfortable, such as inside your home.
  • Background noise may be overwhelming at first. It may take some time to adjust to the new sounds you’re hearing; however, the more you wear your hearing aids, the easier it will be to get used to the new sounds.
  • Try using your hearing aids while you’re having a conversation, and get used to how different people’s voices sound.
  • Do not get discouraged when you’re not hearing perfectly – even people with normal hearing don’t hear everything!
  • Do some exercises to help yourself adjust. Some examples:
    • Close your eyes and try to figure out where something is only by the sound it makes.
    • Close your eyes and try to identify different sounds of speech.
    • Listen to some audiobooks while you follow along with a print copy.
    • Watch the T.V. with subtitles.

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