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JH-907 Opearation Manual

Function #

Thank you very much for buying the machine. When you watch movie, enjoy the drama, attend metting, or have classes, the product can help you to hear the sound clearly and loudly. While in the forest, if you want to hear a very slight sound, it will be a good choice.

Specification #

1. Max Sound Output : 120+-5dB
2. Sound Gain: >= 89dB
3. Total harmonic Wave Distortion: <=5%
4. Frequency Range: 200~4000Hz
5. Input Noise: <= 30%
6. Voltage: D.C. 1.5V
7. Current: <=4.5mA

Instruction Diagram #

Ear Plug
Please choose A10 Battery.
“+” Posivive electrode of Battery
“-” Negative electode of Battery
“>” Volume grade


Open the cartridge cover, put the battery in correct direction. Zinc Air Battery is the best choice and has longer life.
1. Before using switch the volume to the minimum position.
2. Put the ear hook on your ear, plug in the ear plug tightly.
(Note:) Make sure the volume adjuster is at the minimum position, otherwise the instant sound will make you uncomfortable).
3. Turn on the power and adjuster the sound volume to get clear sound.
4. If you hear the whistling sound, please check whether your have plugged in the ear plug tightly. If it can’t be plugged tightly, please change the other size plug.
5. When you don’t use it , please open the battery cartridge or take out the battery, otherwise it will continue to work.


No Sound. Check as follow:
1. If you fit the battery in correct direction.
2. If the battery power has been used up.
3. If the earphone is damaged.
4. If the lead is broken.
the sound is very weak and vague.
1.Battery power isn’t enough.
2.If something is wrong with earphone.
Use dry cloth and special detergent to clear unit body.


1. It is forbidden to used by those patients with tympanitis or ear pyogenesis.
2. Don’t use it at high volume of long time. Otherwise it will injure your ear. If your feel uncomfortable , please stop using.
3. Please maintian the product all the time, avoid ear plug and sound collecting hole being blocked by foreign objects, It will affect the effect of sound amplifier.
4. Avoid socking , falling the product, Don’t keep or use it in environment of humid of high temperature.
5. Don’t thow the scrapped battery as common rubbish , it should be handled by special equipment.
6. Please take out the battery if don’t use it for a long time. Otherwise the components will rotted by time. rotten liquid from battery.
7. Don’t use the product in potenital explosive or dangerour environment.
8. Keep the unit away from the children. It will injure him or others, or damage the unit.

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