According to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics in 2015, the total consumer price of Fujian residents rose by an average of 1.7% year-on-year, and the fastest growth was 4.5% increase in medical care and personal products. This shows that residents will invest more and more in medical care and personal products in the future.

With the coming of aging, people’s expenditure on health care will increase year by year. We used to spend more than ten or twenty yuan on a minor illness, but now it’s often hundreds. Although the state also attaches great importance to the medical treatment of residents, China’s population base is too large, and actually everyone enjoys very little preferential treatment.

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There are many old friends who have more or less hearing problems, most of them are caused by senile hearing loss. After a lifetime of hard work, I couldn’t hear the voice in my old age, and my children also saw it. Therefore, a large number of children will take the elderly to the hospital, and provide a hearing aid for the elderly as needed.

But as soon as many old people hear about the price of hearing aids, they are in conflict with each other. A generation of people are thrifty. It’s too wasteful for them to buy hearing aids.

Let’s work out an account: if you can’t hear, your family will have barriers to communication; if you have barriers to communication, your family relationship will crack, and you will be isolated by other family members; if you feel lonely, your character will be lonely and irritable; if you have children who are under great pressure to work and return home, it will naturally affect the quality of life; in the long run, your children will gradually alienate The elderly, and even the elderly can only live in apartments for the elderly, nursing homes and other places alone for life.

Why not change your mind? If there is a problem with listening, put on the hearing aid to improve your listening. There are no obstacles in daily communication with children, or in listening to music and watching TV. The quality of life has improved, families are naturally more harmonious, and children are able to put their energy into work better.

From the current trend, in the future, residents’ medical investment will account for a large part of residents’ income. To put it simply, the money earned by young people is spent on seeing a doctor when they are old.

< a href = "" target = "blank" > if the daily maintenance of hearing aids is emphasized < / a >, there is no problem in 7-8 years. On average, it’s more than one hundred yuan a year, but it’s not much, just a few packs of cigarettes and a few bottles of wine, which is enough!

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