Basically, hearing loss is inevitable for everyone. With the increase of age, our hearing will decline. However, in addition to this reason, in our life, we are likely to encounter some accidents that lead to our hearing decline. Does this situation lead to the need to wear hearing aids after slight hearing loss?

In fact, whether or not to wear hearing aids after mild hearing loss depends on the specific situation. The standard of mild hearing loss is between 26 and 40 decibels. Generally speaking, if you find out the hearing loss after hearing check, it is about 27 and 28 decibels. It is not a problem when communicating with others. As long as others speak a little louder, it is OK Yes, you can hear clearly. Then you don’t need to wear a hearing aid.

Secondly, if you find out that the hearing loss of your ears is about 40 decibels, which is already between mild and moderate, or the environment you usually live in is noisy, and it is difficult to communicate with others, then I will definitely recommend you to wear hearing aids. Because you suffer from hearing loss and have been in noisy environment for a long time, you will only It makes hearing loss easier, so it is definitely recommended that you wear hearing aids as early as possible.

In addition, if the hearing loss is more than 35 decibels, you will be recommended to wear hearing aids.

In fact, in order to judge whether you want to wear a hearing aid, in addition to the above-mentioned examination of hearing, the most important thing is to look at your own situation and your daily environment. In short, if your hearing loss has affected your daily communication, for example, you can’t hear your family clearly at home, and you can’t hear the leader’s speech clearly at work meetings, then you must wear hearing aids.

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