Do you know what kind of hearing aid is suitable for you? Do you know your functional requirements for hearing aids? Do you know the necessary test and audition links for audition? Before audition, most hearing-impaired patients will have the above problems. The following Jinghao hearing will take you to fully understand the whole matching process of a hearing loss patient, I believe it can definitely help you!

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Determine the type of hearing loss before fitting hearing aids

There are three types of hearing loss: sensorineural hearing loss, mixed hearing loss and conductive hearing loss. It is wise to choose the right hearing aid according to the symptoms of hearing loss.

Jinghao introduces how hearing loss friends determine their own types of hearing loss with the help of audiologists.

Different occupations and application scenarios have different functional requirements for hearing aids

If you often attend business negotiations, hold conference calls, or drive frequently, you will have different emphasis on the function of hearing aids. Nick Calderon easily communicated with his own listening experts about their needs, and exchanged his opinions on the listening program provided by the listening experts. I believe his matching experience will also inspire you.

Strict hearing test and hearing aid test shall be conducted before matching

Listening test and audition need advanced audition room and matching instruments, as well as professional analysis of listening experts. Hearing experts need to know the electroacoustic characteristics of all kinds of hearing aids, and choose the appropriate hearing aids according to the frequency response curve of the test instrument.

After the hearing aid is worn for the first time, it needs to be adjusted again and again 1-2 months later

For those who wear hearing aids for the first time, the fitting plan of hearing experts is relatively conservative. Only after the wearer and hearing aids are repeatedly run in, can they adapt to the listening environment. In a short period of time, the new hearing aid needs to be debugged several times, so the hearing impaired patients will feel comfortable. But frequent debugging in stores will bring a lot of inconvenience to their daily life.

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