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Do newborns have the same hearing as adults?

According to Jinghao’s hearing comprehension, the hearing of newborn is different from that of adult when the behavior < a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/1074. HTML" target = "_blank" > hearing test < / a >. The average behavioral hearing threshold of adult is within 26dB, while the hearing threshold of newborn is 60-70db. If we test the newborn’s hearing in the room with background sound, it can cause the threshold of the newborn’s hearing reflex to sound to be about 90dB. With the increase of age, the hearing sensitivity is increasing, and it is close to the adult hearing level at the age of two.

How to observe children’s hearing at 0-3 months?

According to Jinghao’s listening comprehension, the hearing of children aged 0-3 months is mainly judged by observing the auditory reflex. Audio toys or portable audiometers can be used for audiometry. If, HF, LF and other test sounds can be used. The test room should be quiet. The best time to give the sound is when the subject is in a light sleep state, at a specified distance from the test ear, and suddenly gives the sound (over 70dB). The normal hearing subjects have auditory reflex within about 2.5 seconds. The normal hearing performance types include: sudden inward flexion of both arms, that is, startling reflex; sudden opening of the eyelids, that is, awakening reflex; before the test, the subject opens the eyelids, and gives When the sound suddenly closes the eye, it is called the closed eye reflex, and there are absorption and acceptance reflex, respiratory reflex and so on. The incidence of startling reflex was the highest.

How do parents treat their children’s deafness correctly?

First, have a clear attitude. Do not deny or avoid the deafness of children; at the same time, set up strong confidence, and actively cooperate with professionals to conduct listening and language training for children.

Can deafness be prevented?

According to Jinghao’s hearing comprehension, there are 23000 new deaf children every year in China. Due to various factors, the number of adult and elderly deaf patients is increasing year by year. In the face of such a large number of deaf patients, in addition to taking necessary medical and rehabilitation measures, it is the key to prevent deafness to actively carry out newborn hearing screening, popularize and publicize the knowledge of hearing care, pay attention to epidemiological investigation, carry out genetic consultation, strengthen medical monitoring and scientific medication.

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