As the pressure of life increases, people are concerned about their physical condition. More and more attention, a regular special inspection, of course, it is essential. After the medical examination, Used by some people with hearing impairment of hearing aid on broken,Why is this?

Have you had a similar situation? Especially after the MRI examination, the hearing aid suddenly broke down…

Perhaps you don’t know how NMR works. Hearing is here for everyone to interpret. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI) is a new medical imaging technology that utilizes the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance. It has high resolution for soft tissue and provides a reliable basis for surgically determining the scope of surgery. It can help doctors “see” early lesions that are not noticeable.. Currently already become Early screening for tumors, heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases share weapon.

according to rules, All ferromagnetic and electronic products(Hearing aidsNo exception)both are not brought into the magnetic resonance examination roomOtherwiseWill be demagnetized and damaged.

But this is not ruled out: such asHavePeopleWearing a deep ear canal hearing aid with very good invisibility then he is easy to checkForgot to pick,thereby hearing aid is broken after the inspection is completed.

A hearing has a warm reminder: Before performing a magnetic resonance examination, remember to take the hearing aid off, or it will be worthless if it breaks.

So who? Not suitable for MRIWhat?

1, Person with a pacemaker;

2, Person with or suspected of metallic foreign bodies in the eye;

3, Man with aneurysm silver clip ligation;

4, Person with metal foreign body retention or metal prosthesis;

5, Critically ill patients at risk;

6, there isClaustrophobia的人and so on.

The hearing has a special reminder: When checking a medical examination, remember not to bring monitoring equipment, rescue equipment, and other equipment into the MRI examination room. In addition, insufficient pregnancy3 months pregnant women also try not to do MRI.

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