Cold weather will affect your hearing, do you know?

Hearing loss can come from a variety of sources. Some hearing loss stems from some hereditary diseases, and other hearing loss comes from incorrect hearing or ear care, such as persistent loud noise or improper cleaning. Hearing loss may even come from the aging process. However, a specific source, many people did not think: cold weather.

According to new research, hearing loss may result from widespread exposure to cold weather. When the temperature drops, the risk of tinnitus and hearing loss increases. This is because as the earwax hardens, the risk of growing a drooling bone in the ear canal is higher.

Skeletal growth in the ear canal is known as the surfer’s ear, as this is quite common among people surfing because they spend a lot of time in colder water. This condition forms at the top of the existing bone in the ear and travels along the canal to the eardrum. This condition can cause hearing loss and lead to persistent pain and tinnitus.

Dr. Roger Henderson explained that in severe cases, cold weather may cause abnormal bone growth in the ear canal, called “exogenous.” This is the way the body tries to protect the ear by creating a cold barrier. Since the ear can no longer effectively discharge earwax, external canal bleeding may cause the ear canal to contract, thereby increasing earwax accumulation. In cold weather, this can be exacerbated because the wax hardens when the ear is exposed to low temperatures, making the ear more prone to blockage.

Along with the surfers’ ears, the cold weather has the effect of not eliminating earwax in the ears. This can cause blockages in the ear canal, making it impossible for people to perceive the noise correctly.

Unfortunately, the risk of hardening the earwax of a person using a hearing aid is much higher, because having a “foreign object” in the ear causes the ear to produce more “wax.” When “wax” is deposited in the ear, it can cause infection, earache, headache and tinnitus.

So in the winter, hearing has a reminder that you must take good care of your ears. Be sure to keep your hands and feet warm and wear earmuffs or hats to keep them warm and comfortable.

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