Causes the hearing aid to be silent

I believe that hearing loss friends are most afraid of hearing aids in the process of using hearing aids. If the hearing aid is suddenly silent or the sound is getting smaller, it may be a professional malfunction, or it may be just a small problem. If it is only a small problem, then the hearing loss person may solve it by himself, and solving it will save a lot of trouble.


So, what are the conditions that cause the hearing aid to be silent, and the hearing loss can be adjusted by yourself? Hearing is summarized for you as follows:

1, accidental touch volume knob

Some hearing aids have a volume knob on the body to adjust the sound size. Inevitably, sometimes the volume knob is accidentally touched to minimize the sound. At this time, only the volume needs to be turned on after careful inspection.

2, battery is dead

A battery that is out of power or has a low volume is a common problem that causes hearing aids to be silent. Sometimes even if you change the battery, it will cause silence. It may be caused by improper battery storage, battery replacement or battery replacement, or even the quality of the battery itself. In addition, the hearing aid battery is susceptible to ambient temperature and humidity, and the weather is too cold or too cold to shorten the battery life.

Solution: If it is a silent problem caused by the battery being dead, just replace the new hearing aid battery. Everyday you need to store the battery properly, and try to use a brand with a guaranteed quality or imported batteries.

Hearing has a special reminder: after the new battery is dead in the winter, it is recommended to wait for 3 minutes, or put the battery between the two hands to make the battery temperature rise, and promote the battery to conduct oxidation reaction faster and more fully.

3, foreign body blockage

The sound hole of the hearing aid is blocked by foreign matter such as ear wax, which may cause the sound to not conduct normally.

Solution: Clear the blocked foreign objects, use the tools such as a brush to clean the ear and back machine, and replace the cap with a custom hearing aid.

4, sound tube blocked

In winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. At this time, the hot air will enter the receiver through the earplug hole and condense inside, forming condensed water, blocking the sound hole and even causing the chip to be damp, resulting in a small sound or no sound.

Solution: Remove the foreign objects on the microphone cover. According to the professional’s instructions or to the fitting center, please contact the professional fitter to help replace the new protective cover.

In short, if you can’t solve the sudden silence of the hearing aid if you have eliminated the above situations, then you need to help.Listen to the special fitting center and do not disassemble and repair it yourself.

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