Can tinnitus be relieved by hearing aids?

If you have tinnitus, hearing aids may help you, and hearing specialists think so. Hearing aids can reduce the stress caused by poor hearing and provide sound therapy.

Hearing aids are likely to make you feel better with tinnitus. According to American hearing health experts, six out of ten tinnitus patients feel some relief in their tinnitus after wearing a hearing aid, one in five (22%The patient felt a significant reduction in tinnitus, and the data came from the American Good Hearing Institute.230The results of a survey of hearing experts.


Researchers involved in the survey talked about two reasons why hearing aids can alleviate tinnitus.

First, tinnitus patients are almost always accompanied by hearing loss. Untreated patients with hearing loss often find communication stressful. When they use hearing aids, their communication skills increase. So their pressure is reduced and they can better overcome tinnitus.

Second, hearing aids can provide a sound therapy. When the hearing aid amplifies the background noise, the tinnitus noise felt by the patient becomes less noticeable. However, there are still less than 2% of patients who feel that tinnitus is aggravated after wearing a hearing aid.39%The patient does not feel the therapeutic effect.

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